"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 19, 2007

Road Rage

Well I had my first road rage encounter. Very Scary. I was in the right lane and needed to get over to get off at the next off ramp. I needed to merge with the traffic entering the highway, so I turned on my blinker and proceeded to merge. Well I slowed down to get over and all of a sudden a truck pulled up next to me and proceeded to roll down his window and call me every 4 letter word he could come up with. (My windows were up I didn't hear him, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't telling me how cute I was.)

Well just so happens a unmarked police officer was behind me and he turned on his lights, great why am I getting pulled over? I pulled over, he then proceeded to also pull over the truck. The police officer walked up to my car first, I rolled down the window and asked what I did. The officer said, "Mame I wasn't pulling you over you can leave." I asked if he saw the gentlemen in the truck screaming at me? He said," yes that is why I'm pulling him over". I said "ok, thank you".

As I was pulling away I glanced at the truck, do you know the worst part, he had a young boy about 10 years old with him. Great role model...


Buck Pennington said...

Now that's a story that's GOOD to read. I can't begin to count the times I've muttered to myself about cops and "where are they when you need one." Road rage is scary stuff, indeed. I hope your pick-up driver got slapped with a significant fine.

Shelly said...

I hope he got good fine, I think in my state they also have to attend a class, probably needs a parenting class to go along with it..