"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 9, 2007

The Kid part 2

I want to start off saying that I believe that we need to set up a system in our high schools that all students must go through boot camp. Maybe, have one in each state, run by retired military!! Let me tell you, that "The Kid" really appreciated, his life, and his family. He came out more respectful, and was it amazing he actually LISTENED...He did feel it wasn't that hard, he called it dress camp. Boot camp was actually harder on me then him. I am what you may call a control freak, so not having control over my child in boot camp was difficult. At the time I was miserable, now that it's over it was good for both of us..

He is now in San Diego, he is in BCT(Basic Crewman Training), for SWCC(Special Warfare Combatant Craft). The Kid first wanted to be a Seal, but after much research and talking to a few SWCC guys, he really wanted fast boats. He is in his 6th week of 8 weeks and then will continue on with QCT(Qualified Crewman Training) which is 12 weeks. I need somebody to create a Dummy Guide for families in the Navy. The Kid starts talking in code and I am so lost...If your interest in seeing more about SWCC I have a link on my blog. He is doing well, it has a high attrition rate, his class started at 40 guys and is down to 23. I will post later about his calls home, for now let me say for the billionth (I love exaggerate numbers) time that I am very proud of my son and all other military personnel.

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