"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 11, 2007

Live Altering

I have been living vicariously through The Kid the past month. He is doing some incredible things in his training for SWCC right now. I have to say I am jealous. Ok, not jealous of the treading water in the San Diego Bay with bricks, and almost drowning, but jealous of the life he will lead if he can make it through the hell that is SWCC training. The mother in me is horrified when he calls up and tells me about his week and I can't believe he is still alive. The adventurer in me (it is hidden) thinks "Cool Dude where do I sign up". He still has a positive attitude and I know that he will make it, I raised him, Damn right he will make it....

The whole point to this post (see how I get side tracked by The Kid), was I want a little adventure, nothing to dangerous, I'm 4dmumblemumble something, so I would like to not break anything, I am already trying to borrow a life I don't want to borrow, blood or limbs. What do you guys do for adventure? Any suggestions will be considered.


Bag Blog said...

My daughter still lives at home. This last year she has been scuba diving in Mexico and sky diving here in OK. She just got back from NY a week ago and leaves for CA in a few weeks. Yes, I do live vicariously through my kid.

We kayak together.

Shelly said...

bag blog,

Well at least you kayak. Sounds like we both need some adventure..