"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 12, 2007

The Boys

When The Kid left for college, I was lonely and wanted someone to need me. Well I wasn't going to have another child, (what are you on crack) so next best thing a PUPPY!!! We are now the parents of 2 dogs. They are Brussels Griffon's, I know "Brussels WHAT"? When we get asked that Mygeek goes into, "Did you ever see the movie "As Good As it Gets" with Jack Nicholson". I roll my eyes and just say they are expensive mutts, but boy how I love them. I finally have pets that haven't eaten the couch, humped my friends, they don't bark at the neighbors (to often), they don't shed they molt, and don't find it necessary to mark their territory in the house. Here is a picture of "The Boys". Newman and Elroy(huge Seinfeld fans, love the Jetsons). This part of my life I am happy with, no changes necessary.


Bag Blog said...

For me, it was a rat terrier. I just wish he fit in my purse.

Shelly said...

I will have to look that breed up, I don't remember that one from my puppy search.