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Henry Ellis

August 21, 2007

My favorite or new finds

I love when Oprah's favorite thing's list comes out, I don't watch her, but I love seeing the stuff she finds. Well I'm no Oprah but I decided to list some of my favorite things or items I have just found. Please let me know your favorite things.. Lets share..

1. My red Ipod- I listen to it running (I did run again this morning), in the car, and at work.

2. My new Mac Lap Top..

3. Bare Escentuals makeup- It is all powder and I love it. All natural, no animal testing..
4. Venus Shaver- It has built in gel, no gel or shaving cream.

5.The Hallmark singing card. They are so fun, I have been sending them to The Kid and he loves them.

6. The new Croc's Scutes, I'm not a fan of the original, but these are comfortable..

7. I started selling Lia Sophia Jewelry about a year ago.. I know I'm one of those. I book about a show a month, I did it because I now have a great jewelry collection, and I have made some extra cash.

8. Pledge mutisurface wipes- They work, I clean the mirror, my wood table, and the fridge..

9. Slingbox- My Geek, the king of gadgets bought this and I laughed, but it is very cool. We are able to load it on any computer and watch our TV on it. I can watch TV on my computer at work, The Kid has it on his laptop and he watches TV on it. It is hooked up to the cable box.. I don't understand how it works..

10. Bing Cherry Energy drink.. Yum, and it is a great pick me up..


Buck Pennington said...

Hmmm. Interesting subject. Just off the top of my head:

1. My car. Reliable, fun, sporty, and best of all: No car payment.

2. The 'Zuki. Ditto all of the above, and then some.

3. And although it's not a "thing," technically, I just can't envision life without Radio Paradise.

4. Oh yeah...blogging. Not a thing, either, but once again, I simply can't envision a life without blogs and my blog-buddies! I suppose one could simplify things and just say "the 'net." As in: what did we do before the internet? Hmm?

Shelly said...

What kind of car? Wow very cool bike, I had never heard of Radio Paradise, I'm going to check it out..


A soldier's wife..... said...

Let's see.....

1. My laptop and wireless router....I can't stand to have to stay in one place...which leads to number 2.

2. Cordless phones (which disappear in my house, currently on the lost item list) and cell phone (also on the lost item list)

3. Satellite radio

4. My Infiniti G35

5. Scented Candles (no particular brand, but they have to be unusual in decor and smell Yummy!)

6. Stride Gum..it has a cute website...I like the Fruit Flavor...so do my kids, they steal it from me.

7. My flip flops....we live in a warm climate, close to the beach, I wear them about 9-10 months of the year...I at last count have 28 pair, from basic Old Navy to fancy Brighton.

8. My hair products/curling irons/head bands. I am a fanatic about my hair, thus why I can't live without them.

9. Water delivery. My family drinks alot of water. I drink about a gallon a day alone, so I don't buy bottled water, I have 8 5 gallon containers delivered a month.

and finally number 10 would be

10. My family....can't live with them and most definitely I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM....although I live most of my life with my husband gone......and right now I could a few days without my kids....all and all, they are my life....

I do like the internet answer from Buck, but I then think of how much I'd get done or got done "pre-net" days..... :]

Buck Pennington said...

What kind of car?

It's a 2001 Mazda Miata, aka "The Green Hornet," bought new in October of 2000. Pic here. I should knock on wood before I write this...but... She's coming up on her seventh birthday soon and other than replacing tires and the battery, I've not had one single problem with that car.

Re: Radio Paradise. "The soundtrack to my life!" (Lately)

Shelly said...

Soldiers Wife,
Ok I have stopped laughing, you need a post on your site about your lost item list....
Great list, I will try the gum, I love my wireless, I sit outside with my laptop, love satellite radio, it is in my SUV..
Wow I feel bad I didn't put my family..
I love seeing peoples list..
You should stop by Bucks place he has all the news, I just go there and get caught up..

Shelly said...

I can't believe you have a Miata, my most favorite sporty car. I drive an SUV due to the snow we get here. One of these days I want a Miata for the nice days. I'm jealous..


A soldier's wife..... said...
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A soldier's wife..... said...

And Buck, after I looked at your car, I took that cute little quiz...and I'm apparently married to the wrong man, cause no way in hell ANYONE in the military, much less my soldier, can afford the sports car I am......it says I am

You are a Lamborghini Murcielago!
You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.

Which is the UGLIEST thing I ever saw....and the description is hardly me....well not entirely me....I'll take the Porsche Cayman