"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 31, 2007


Why is the Halloween Candy already in the supermarkets???

Forbidden Love

I see you there, hidden way in the back. I try not to look, I coyly walk by and catch a glimpse. I know that I shouldn't want you. I have always craved what I can't have. Why do you make me feel this way. I need to stop thinking of you. I need to be strong, you are wrong for me and nothing good can come from a relationship with you. Why are you tempting me..

What did you guys think I was talking about!!! I didn't cave, I took the package next door and gave to the neighbor kids. I don't have room in my life for a relationship with an Oreo....

August 30, 2007


I was reading my usual blogs and was over at Oh That's Gonna Leave a Mark's blog. In her comments she mention she is thinking about getting a tattoo. (go visit her, she is a crack-up).. Anyhoo, I have a dolphin tattoo on my ankle(what was I thinking putting it on the place that has no fat, it hurt like a you know what). I have had it for about 8 years now. I love my tattoo, everytime I look at it I think of my dear friend Rita who passed away 7 years ago. She had been diagnosed for the 3rd time with cancer, and knew she wasn't long for this world. She decided to make a list of all the things she wanted to do before she left us... We went to Disneyland, some people went sky diving with her (not me, too big of a chicken). On her list was getting a Tattoo. I was thinking, hold her hand, pick out a cool design, I said "Hey Rit's I'll do that with ya." Well we get to the tattoo shop and the artist comes up with a design, Rita looks at me and says "What are you getting". I said, "I'm not getting anything, I'm in a support role here." Well she says, "I'm dying of cancer, your getting a tattoo." Well ok then, I'm getting a tattoo. I ended up with a dolphin (don't ask) Well it's not that small and it is blue and stands out like a sore thumb. Not great in the business world, I sometimes have to cover it with a large bandaid.. I wouldn't change it for anything.. Love ya Rita...

Ok who has tattoo's and where and what are they?

August 29, 2007

View from my porch

After the bad night and the long day, I decided to sit on the front porch with a nice glass of wine and BREATH.. Much better, watched the sun go down, and reminded myself of all the wonderful things I have in my life. I will not feel sorry for myself, and I will continue to enjoy life. Everyone have a great day..

August 28, 2007

Flak Jacket

The Kid called last night to let me know how his first day of QCT(Qualified Crewman training) went. He was excited, but nervous. He talked about all the cool gear they had received. The minute he started talking about the numerous Flak Jackets he received, I felt the heart start beating faster and I really couldn't think. He went on telling me how he had to swim in them, buddy tow, etc.. I really had a hard time listening. This invoked the dreaded fear and it took everything I had to not breakdown on the phone. When we hung up I broke down, needless to say no sleep for this Mom. How can something that can save his live, bring out my worst fears. I need to work on this, because I will not let this consume me or have it spill over on to The Kid. Well hopefully writing about it will be a release of sorts. Need to gets some caffeine and try and get through the day..

August 27, 2007

Check out this blog

Came across this blog, from Wesley Morgan, a 19 year old from Princeton. He is reporting from Baghdad and his reports are very interesting.

Life Update

Well I feel good today, I have worked out and ran for a full week. Ok my body doesn't feel that great, can we say OUCH!! Let's say mentally I feel great. I have started the Body For Life program officially today...

I volunteered with a non-profit. I will be doing home visits of young mothers on welfare. Should be interesting... I start Friday evening..

You know when you clean your closets, drawers etc... That feeling you get by being organized.. I did that over the weekend, and it felt great waking up this morning. I don't know why a clean closet makes me feel that way.

Should be a great week..


Why do people endanger themselves and others by running a red light? I was behind a car today who turned after the light had changed and they hit another car. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

August 25, 2007


Why do men either wear a bad toupee or feel that the 4 pieces of hair that they wrap around their head 10 times looks better then just being bald? Hey men bald is beautiful, much rather see the natural then the fake toupee or the wrap around..

Conversations you wish you had

Do you ever have a dress rehearsal conversation in your head with someone before you actually have the real conversation? Well I do this all the time, better then talking out loud to myself. Well I had one on my way home last night with My Geek. I had it all worked out in my head so when I got home I started the conversation...

"Have you decided if we are going or not", I said.
"You don't seem to want to go", he said.
"It's not that I don't want to go, I just don't want to go and hang out with a bunch of people drinking until they are inebriated", I said.
"We will leave if that starts to happen", he said.
"No we won't, we never do. One of us always has to drive someone home", I said.
(here is where the conversation in the head didn't match the real conversation)
"Lets go, I promise we will leave if it starts to head in that direction", he said.

I reluctantly agree to go. It is a group of his college friends and their wife's or girlfriends. We don't see them very often, but it seems when they get together they think they are still in college..
Well this morning, I was right, it went to hell, I spent most of the morning cleaning out my car because one of the women puked in it. Next time I am going to skip the real conversation, and tell him that I already talked to him, and we decided not to go. I would rather him think I'm crazy then do this again.

August 24, 2007

Congratulations are in order

I talked to THE KID last night and he is graduating from BCT (basic crewman training) today. I am very proud of him and his accomplishment. Poor kid, he had been through hell the last 48 hours, but survived and past. He is now according to the Navy a Petty Officer 3rd Class and has a new rating. His graduation is today, I guess they have a ceremony. No rest for the wicked, he gets handed over the QCT (Qualified Crewman Training) after that. He is excited for the next part of training, due to the fact this is the so called cool part, weapons and such... He has another 12 weeks and if he gets through that the he will get his SWCC pin.

August 23, 2007

Would you shut up already

I went to a seminar yesterday, talk about a sleepfest.. The subject matter wasn't boring, it was the speaker. Completely monotone, no humor, read from a script, and no audience participation. If you are going to make me sit there for 3 hours, be entertaining at least. This could have been a great seminar, it was on working relationships between the generations... He only opened up for questions at the end, by that time all most of us wanted to do is run for the exit....


Why is it that Customer Service seem to be an oxymoron? I don't know about you, but the term service doesn't seem to be the norm anymore. I know I am still the customer, but I don't see the service very often. I think I'm going to rename it Customer Disservice.

August 22, 2007

Body For Life

I followed the Body for Life program 5 years ago and I did great. I even maintained my healthy lifestyle. I fell off the wagon about a year ago and and really need to get back on... I went on The Body for Life website and a group soldiers (looks like medical staff) from Camp Fallujah took the challenge, here is the link to the story. http://www.bodyforlife.com/challenge/2007/iraq/ Well I figure if they can do it in those conditions then what is my excuse. So starting Monday I am going back on the program and hopefully after the 12 weeks I will once again be back on track with my healthy lifestyle. It really is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I know I felt great and really want that feeling again. I will keep you posted on how I'm doing...

August 21, 2007

My favorite or new finds

I love when Oprah's favorite thing's list comes out, I don't watch her, but I love seeing the stuff she finds. Well I'm no Oprah but I decided to list some of my favorite things or items I have just found. Please let me know your favorite things.. Lets share..

1. My red Ipod- I listen to it running (I did run again this morning), in the car, and at work.

2. My new Mac Lap Top..

3. Bare Escentuals makeup- It is all powder and I love it. All natural, no animal testing..
4. Venus Shaver- It has built in gel, no gel or shaving cream.

5.The Hallmark singing card. They are so fun, I have been sending them to The Kid and he loves them.

6. The new Croc's Scutes, I'm not a fan of the original, but these are comfortable..

7. I started selling Lia Sophia Jewelry about a year ago.. I know I'm one of those. I book about a show a month, I did it because I now have a great jewelry collection, and I have made some extra cash.

8. Pledge mutisurface wipes- They work, I clean the mirror, my wood table, and the fridge..

9. Slingbox- My Geek, the king of gadgets bought this and I laughed, but it is very cool. We are able to load it on any computer and watch our TV on it. I can watch TV on my computer at work, The Kid has it on his laptop and he watches TV on it. It is hooked up to the cable box.. I don't understand how it works..

10. Bing Cherry Energy drink.. Yum, and it is a great pick me up..

August 20, 2007

Aha Moment

I was talking to The Kid the other night. He asked what was going on with me, usually we talk about him (right now his life is definitely more interesting). I told him that I want to make some changes and we discussed them. He then reminded me of what I would always say to him (hate it when they do that). "Mom, this is all just talk, I won't believe it til I see action." Well he is right, I have been all talk and no action.. That was quite the "AHA Moment" for me.

Well this morning I got my a** out of bed and went for a run...ok maybe it was a jog, and I packed a healthy lunch and snacks. No coffee stop and grabbed my water jug.

I called the number of a non-profit that has called me several times to volunteer my nursing services and I have never called them back. I have an appointment with them on Thursday.

It's a start.. I really need to get motivated, the life I want is not going to come to me, I have to go out and make it happen..

August 19, 2007


Why is it now that we are empty nesters we still think we need to buy in bulk? I think I just miss going to Sam's and Costco. I have enough toilet paper and paper towels to last a year...

Road Rage

Well I had my first road rage encounter. Very Scary. I was in the right lane and needed to get over to get off at the next off ramp. I needed to merge with the traffic entering the highway, so I turned on my blinker and proceeded to merge. Well I slowed down to get over and all of a sudden a truck pulled up next to me and proceeded to roll down his window and call me every 4 letter word he could come up with. (My windows were up I didn't hear him, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't telling me how cute I was.)

Well just so happens a unmarked police officer was behind me and he turned on his lights, great why am I getting pulled over? I pulled over, he then proceeded to also pull over the truck. The police officer walked up to my car first, I rolled down the window and asked what I did. The officer said, "Mame I wasn't pulling you over you can leave." I asked if he saw the gentlemen in the truck screaming at me? He said," yes that is why I'm pulling him over". I said "ok, thank you".

As I was pulling away I glanced at the truck, do you know the worst part, he had a young boy about 10 years old with him. Great role model...

August 17, 2007


Why do we insist on making Mother Nature so angry? I don't have the answer, but I think we should start listening to people who do...

Living Life

I have always tried to live by my motto "No shoulda, Coulda or Woulda". I don't want to look back on life and say I should of done this, I wish I could have done that, or would have done this, But...

So I started a list of things that I don't want to regret...

Show my son what a happy, healthy marriage looks like. (hopefully I am on my way)

Spend quality time with the ones I love. Who wants to look back on life and say, "boy sure am glad I worked 80 hours a week.."

I was a nurse in my other live and I really would like to join a traveling nurse program and try and give back.

I love to travel and want to see as much of the world as I can.

Volunteer more of my time.

More exercise and eating healthier. I need to make it a lifestyle change, and not just when I gain weight or feel like crap.

Take dance lessons with MyGeek. I love to dance, he can't dance. I want to learn ballroom.

Simplify my life and be happy...

August 16, 2007


Why is it that the lint knows to go into the lint holder thingamajig in the dryer.


I have several posts that I have started writing, but they aren't quite right so I decided to just have a post that I will ramble about everything and anything today.

First I want to thank everyone for stopping by, I really enjoyed your comments and visiting your sites.

I had posted about visiting some churches, I will be going too my first one on Sunday. It seems to be what I am looking for, we will see.

I had or I still have a laptop that is about 5 years old that I use at home, we have several computers at home due to that is the field My Geek is in. I like using the laptop, but mine was a 17 inch Toshiba that weighs about 10lbs and it was uncomfortable on my lap. My Geek made the mistake of buying a new Mac laptop that weighs about 5lbs, he also installed a program that you are able to have windows, vista and the mac programs all on one computer. I'm sure it has some geeky name for it. Being the manipulative woman that I am I started borrowing it EVERY night, adding all my favorites, etc.., Needless to say that lasted about 2 weeks and I got home this week and he bought me MY VERY OWN. WOOHOO, what a wonderful MyGeek. Okay so I manipulated the situation, it worked didn't it.

The Kid called and he is doing well, he is getting excited that BCT is almost over. I am excited for him, it is difficult knowing that he is getting closer to becoming a member of the Navy SWCC's and that whole Special Warfare life. I have to start preparing myself that I won't know where he is most of the time, what he is doing, or when he will return. OH man this is going to kill me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still very proud of him...

Oh and by the way, I am drinking my Venti, White Mocha, Nonfat coffee right now! I told you I am weak, weak, weak..

August 15, 2007

If you could be anything or anyone

In my profile I listed the Vampire books by Anne Rice. If I could be anything, of course using my imagination, I would be a Vampire. I have a fascination with this creature. I am truly a night person, I am already lilly white, there is something provocative about sucking blood. I usually wear black (it's slimming). I'm not sure about the eternal damnation, but hey you can't be perfect. What would you be if you could be anything? C'mon use that wild imagination...


Why do we as a society not take care of our own very well? (yes, there is a minority that are truly Angels) We have Veterans, Wounded Soldiers, the Abused, Mentally Ill, Homeless, and the Elderly. It does take a village, and I wish our village was willing to take care of our own.

August 14, 2007

Office Romance

I have a love/hate relationship with my career. I have wanted a separation for a few months now, but like any relationship I have security issues. I do really believe that this career is not the one for me, it was a rebound job (not a career) that I have kept around for financial security. It does have some great qualities, very reliable, stable, and financially secure. Don't all of us want more in our careers. I want to be passionate, needed, wanted, I want to be in love with my career. I'm your typical woman and I don't want to get rid of this career til I have another one in the wings. So I am on one of those websites looking for a new love....


Why do you Blog? Yes you? Please let me know, I really am interested, remember I'm addicted. Please include a link to your blog.

August 13, 2007


Why do you have to have a license to drive a car, to sell insurance, to even have a pet, but you don't need one to have a child. Something to ponder...

Waiting and Worrying

I don't really want to write this post because then you will read how really neurotic I am, but hey it's my blog right? The Kid called on Friday concerned that he was having trouble with one of the water evolutions in his SWCC training. He is having trouble with the breast stroke. The are failing him due to his technique. The poor kid has to retake it today and needs to pass... He has been doing so well and has passed everything else on the first try. Of course the controlling, want to make everything ok Mom in me reared her ugly head on the phone with him and pretty much stressed him out even more. Now I am sitting here waiting for him to call and let me know how he did. Will I never learn. See I really need to borrow a life, anybody?

Update: The Kid called and he passed. "No problem Mom, were you worried!" Hopefully I learned my lesson. Eight more days of BCT then he starts QCT for SWCC.

Bad Karma

I must have pissed off someone, I have bad Karma today. (Yes I am a firm believer of Karma). I was late getting up, ripped my pants with my shoe, stepped in dog poo walking the dogs today, fasted for a blood draw this morning and the newbie nurse gave me a hematoma the size of a grapefruit, tried to get in the parking garage and my card key wouldn't work, get to my office and I missed an appointment I forgot to put on my crackberry. It is not even noon and I think I need to go home and pull the covers over my head and start over tomorrow. I hate Mondays....

August 12, 2007

The Boys

When The Kid left for college, I was lonely and wanted someone to need me. Well I wasn't going to have another child, (what are you on crack) so next best thing a PUPPY!!! We are now the parents of 2 dogs. They are Brussels Griffon's, I know "Brussels WHAT"? When we get asked that Mygeek goes into, "Did you ever see the movie "As Good As it Gets" with Jack Nicholson". I roll my eyes and just say they are expensive mutts, but boy how I love them. I finally have pets that haven't eaten the couch, humped my friends, they don't bark at the neighbors (to often), they don't shed they molt, and don't find it necessary to mark their territory in the house. Here is a picture of "The Boys". Newman and Elroy(huge Seinfeld fans, love the Jetsons). This part of my life I am happy with, no changes necessary.


Why when you are in rush hour traffic going 1 mile an hour, does the traffic all of a suddent break up and you can go 55mph for about 1/2 mile and then you are back going 1 mile an hour?

August 11, 2007


Why is it that most adults know how to count to fifteen, but seem to lose this ability when standing in the EXPRESS line at the grocery store. The bright light says 15 items or less, not 16, or you bought 3 cans of green beans so they only count as one. I usually stand behide them and really want to ask them if they know how to count. Do you say something to them? If you do please let me know what you say.. (If it may cause any kind of inflicted pain to me after saying it, I would love to hear it, I just may not use it).

Live Altering

I have been living vicariously through The Kid the past month. He is doing some incredible things in his training for SWCC right now. I have to say I am jealous. Ok, not jealous of the treading water in the San Diego Bay with bricks, and almost drowning, but jealous of the life he will lead if he can make it through the hell that is SWCC training. The mother in me is horrified when he calls up and tells me about his week and I can't believe he is still alive. The adventurer in me (it is hidden) thinks "Cool Dude where do I sign up". He still has a positive attitude and I know that he will make it, I raised him, Damn right he will make it....

The whole point to this post (see how I get side tracked by The Kid), was I want a little adventure, nothing to dangerous, I'm 4dmumblemumble something, so I would like to not break anything, I am already trying to borrow a life I don't want to borrow, blood or limbs. What do you guys do for adventure? Any suggestions will be considered.

August 10, 2007


My family has never been religious. No we are not athiests! I have a remembrance of Sunday School, my grandparents would take us when we visited. I really do believe in a higher being, I'm just not sure what that is. I have had a strong dose lately and it has made me start thinking...
I belong to a wonderful forum NMOL(navy mom's online)the link is on sidebar, and they have posts that mom's ask for your prayers. I never post since I don't really pray... I have a son in the military and people always say, "I will pray for him", and I thank them. Well shouldn't I be praying for my own son? My brother and sister-in-law just had twins and they made me a godparent, my first words were I'm not Catholic. SIL said well your Christian aren't you,(I was baptized during one of the visits with GP), so technically sure... I had to take a class before they would even let me be a witness, talk about second class citizen. I have no idea what I would say to my niece and nephew if they wanted to talk about religion.

So as part of my need to find a new life I decided to interview some religions, OK not interview, but visit. My wish list is that I don't have to confess anything, that they have plenty of beautiful uplifting music, I can dress casually for services (I have to dress up during the week), that they don't lecture, but inform. I don't think that is much to ask for. Let me know if anyone has a great type of church or a specific religion that I might enjoy.


Why do people think it's okay during a face to face conversation, they can start texting on their phone during the conversation. Can we say "RUDE". I have a crackberry (blackberry), so I fully understand the addiction. It's called manners, we seldom talk to each other face to face, so come-on give a little respect.

August 9, 2007


WHY is it when you are in a conversation with an acquaintance and the conversation comes around to asking about the family, when you tell them that someone in your family is in the military they answer by saying "I'M SORRY". What the hell is that? Sorry for what, that you are a complete moron and your mother never taught you that if you can't say anything nice or appropriate that you should just shut up..... That's just my opinion what's yours?

The Kid part 2

I want to start off saying that I believe that we need to set up a system in our high schools that all students must go through boot camp. Maybe, have one in each state, run by retired military!! Let me tell you, that "The Kid" really appreciated, his life, and his family. He came out more respectful, and was it amazing he actually LISTENED...He did feel it wasn't that hard, he called it dress camp. Boot camp was actually harder on me then him. I am what you may call a control freak, so not having control over my child in boot camp was difficult. At the time I was miserable, now that it's over it was good for both of us..

He is now in San Diego, he is in BCT(Basic Crewman Training), for SWCC(Special Warfare Combatant Craft). The Kid first wanted to be a Seal, but after much research and talking to a few SWCC guys, he really wanted fast boats. He is in his 6th week of 8 weeks and then will continue on with QCT(Qualified Crewman Training) which is 12 weeks. I need somebody to create a Dummy Guide for families in the Navy. The Kid starts talking in code and I am so lost...If your interest in seeing more about SWCC I have a link on my blog. He is doing well, it has a high attrition rate, his class started at 40 guys and is down to 23. I will post later about his calls home, for now let me say for the billionth (I love exaggerate numbers) time that I am very proud of my son and all other military personnel.

August 8, 2007


I am going to have posts that I will always call WHY.. I have these things come up in my life, or I see them going on and ask WHY? Maybe someone can answer them.

The first WHY is: A $5.00 cup of coffee, WHY do I feel it necessary to spend this on a caffeine fix. I have the same argument with myself on my morning drive. It goes something like this:

Evil side of my brain: "Wow I'm early let's stop at " you fill in the blank" and get a "venti white-mocha, nonfat, no whip(gotta cut the calories somewhere)coffee. You work hard you deserve a treat.

Then the really want to be skinny and rich side of my brain: "No sweetie, you need to cut back on those calories, 1 hour on the treadmill to work it off. Think of all the soldier care packages you can send with all the extra cash you save by not spending the $5.00."

The evil side won this morning..I am so WEAK...

The Kid part 1

I should probably talk about "THE KID" so you understand why I need to get a life. I have a 21yr old son who joined the Navy in March 2007. I knew this was coming, but I wasn't prepared for his leaving. College was a piece of cake compared to this. He had always wanted to join the Navy, but promised me 4 years of college first. He played competitive soccer and had a scholarship to a Division II School, so I thought great, he'll play soccer, get a college education, find a great job, get married, and give me grand kids... Ok so that was my dream. Well he barely gave me 2 years came home at break and said he wasn't going back and was ready to join the Navy. We talked, we argued, I tried to reason with him to no avail..I finally realized that this is what he wanted and I needed to support him in his decision. He also said the most incredible thing to me when I asked him if he really understood what he was getting himself into. He said "Mom, I understand the danger, I know you will be worried, but I need to do this. Don't you think it's time that someone in our family serves our country, we owe it that much." I am in awe of this kid.. So he went to the recruiter, wouldn't let me go, signed up, gave himself a few months to get in shape, and left for boot camp. Stay tuned for part 2

August 7, 2007


Hello everyone, well I guess no one right now...How sad.. Why a blog? Well I have become what you would call a blog whore.. All I have done lately is read blogs. At first it was blogs about the Navy (son joined this year), then military parents, then the war, then I would just click on random blogs and start reading... I realized that I was addicted. Yes, I have gone to my first meeting and I now have a sponsor.. My husband whom I will call MYGEEK is worried. I'm sure if he finds out that I'm now blogging I will be sent far far away....

I first thought about starting a blog for parents with children in the military. They have a great one for spouses. Nope not ready for that. I am a newbie as a military parent, maybe later. I then thought about my life (sigh). I am your typical parent who centered her life around her child, and now he has a new mother (MOMMA NAVY). I realized when he left, my life left with him... Wow was that hard to write.. So after many boxes of Kleenex and way to much Merlot I have decided to go in search of a new life that I can call my own, or a really great life that I can borrow until I find one that works for me.