"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

August 27, 2007

Life Update

Well I feel good today, I have worked out and ran for a full week. Ok my body doesn't feel that great, can we say OUCH!! Let's say mentally I feel great. I have started the Body For Life program officially today...

I volunteered with a non-profit. I will be doing home visits of young mothers on welfare. Should be interesting... I start Friday evening..

You know when you clean your closets, drawers etc... That feeling you get by being organized.. I did that over the weekend, and it felt great waking up this morning. I don't know why a clean closet makes me feel that way.

Should be a great week..


A soldier's wife..... said...

Sounds like a productive weekend, off to a good start on your exercise....looking forward to hearing how the Non-profit work goes. And clean closets, ahhh...another one of life's lightening feelings.....mine need it badly....I guess that is a next week project. I did the storage room, I guess it's a closet, just the larger version, now it's a scrapbooking room, if I find the time for that!

Keep up the good work!

Shelly said...

It was productive. I needed to start off a full speed, I have a tendency to putter out middle of the week.. Good luck on the Scrapbook room, you have a whole room for that???