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Henry Ellis

September 26, 2007

So I got Memed

Thanks, ASW and Triplee for the meme tag

I had no idea what that was, so I had to look it up. I am so not with the whole blog lingo... I am suppose to reveal 7 things about myself that most people don't know...

1. I dye my hair, it is cut short and people say it looks like Uma Thurman in the movie "Pulp Fiction". I only wish I was as tall as her...( I said hair looks like Uma, not me...)

2. I use to race vintage cars. I had a Triumph Spitfire (Buck it was a 1967)..

3. I am left-handed. Yes I am one of the special people...

4. I love Susie-Q's, you know the hostess snack.. I hide them so no one knows. Sshhh don't tell.

5. I absolutely hate the color pink.

6. I am not ticklish, nope not one bit..

7. I have about 300 pairs of shoes. Yes I am a shoe addict, and no there is not a Shoeaholics Anonymous. I work across the street from DSW, way to easy to get a shoe fix....

Not sure who hasn't been tagged for this, so If you haven't, then I tag you. I know I'm making up my own rules. #8. I don't follow directions very well.


A soldier's wife..... said...

You rule breaker you.....lol.

So, let me see, I dye my hair too....but not blond, the one time I did that, it had a green tinge to it that I am sure was NOT part of the plan.....

No vintage car here...but I had a 73 Dodge Challenger that was Smokin, and I raced it....street raced it and my driving record reflected such!

I um......love pink....shhhh! Im such a girly girl....lol

I'm with you on the shoe thing, but mine sort of go on the line of sandals and flip flops....but I'd like to raid your closet one day!!!

=) Thanks for playing with me!

Buck Pennington said...

Channeling Imelda, are we, Shelly? ;-)

I had a Triumph once upon a time... a '57 TR-3. I threw it off a 60-foot embankment just outside Lompoc, CA in the waaay-back ('65), rolling it three times in the process, once laterally and twice end over end.

Injuries? None, save for a scratch on my left ring finger where the ring I wore dug a hole in said finger. This was from the death-grip I had on the steering wheel as the world got pretty crazy (spatial-wise) as I went over the edge. The cops and other "interested parties" (read that as: the USAF) were amazed and mystified that I walked away (relatively) unscathed.

Bag Blog said...

I love the racing thing. I drove a 63 Chevy pick-up truck back in the day - no racing there. I love pink. I had a thing for shoes until I became a rancher's wife and lived in the Rocky Mountains were boots or hiking/tennis shoes were the rage.

Claire said...

My first car was a red Triumph TR-7. I thought I was THE stuff! :)

I love shoes too, but if I had 300 pair they would all be variations on about 6 styles in various colors. Other than tennis shoes. Then I would need about 4 styles in 10 different colors. See, I am not hard to please! ;)

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