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Henry Ellis

September 16, 2007

Navy Training

My conversations with The Kid are always interesting in that he is learning so much in such a short period of time. I remember the conversations with him while in high school and college and most of them started with, why do I need to know this, I will never use this in real life. He has not said that once concerning the training and classes he is taking for SWCC. He knows everything he is being taught will be used in his job with SWCC. He loves that alot of it is hands on training and learning.

I made him take a CPR course and an sports safety training course during his teen years, and I also taught him to draw blood and put in an IV. I know he was just humoring me when he took these courses. He has been training in combat medical and he had to tell me how much easier it was for him with the training he had already had(no I didn't tell him I told you so). I had to laugh, because last week he was learning about boat engines, my son was not a car-homo(this is what I call anyone who is more interested in what is under the hood) he only cared if the car was cool looking so it was a difficult week for him.

I have always thought that the last couple of years of high school are wasted on most kids. If they are going on to college, then yes let them take advance courses and even college courses. Those that are not planning on college should be given vocational training on what they want to do after high school. Be it a mechanic, hairdresser, IT Tech... It is better then the 2 gym classes, basket weaving 101 that they take to have enough credits to graduate. Then at least most of them would be ready to get a job and be on there own..


TripleE said...

Wow...I hope I can have that much foresight as a mom.

Shelly said...

Don't give me too much credit, it is the nurse thing. I saw way to many accidents with kids in sports and no one knowing what to do. He broke his ankle and played on it for the whole game. I didn't want that happening again..

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi, I saw you over at ArmyMome3, just popped in to say hello,

Shelly said...

Sarge charlie,
Thanks for stopping by. I like new faces.


Bag Blog said...

I had a high school art teacher that pulled me out of class to teach me to throw pots on a wheel. He also taught me to mat and frame my art. Those things were a great help in my art classes and I still use them today. Funny how a teacher can make a difference - even when it is a Mom.

Shelly said...

I wish we appreciated what our teachers do for us. They are truly under-appreciated and not paid nearly enough. Thanks Lou for your great Art that you share and that you are a teacher...


JustyBoysMom said...

So glad to meet another SWCC mom! My son is on Coronado Island - San Diego CA. He put an IV in a buddy last week - it was his first time. Has your son graduated from SWCC yet? Mine has about 8 more weeks - about the end of November. Loved your poem, too. I'm so proud of my sailor.

Shelly said...

Justboys Mom,
WooHoo another SWCC Mom and it sounds like they are in the same QCT class right now. He will also be done in November. Please e-mail me, I would love to chat, my guess is that they know each other. My e-mail is on my personal page of my blog.


Deb said...

Hi from another military mom - my son just finished 4 years as an active duty Marine. When he did his combat medic training just before his last deployment, they practiced IVs on each other. And with the last guy who was new to the battalion, they decided to see just how much his arm could hold. I guess it can hold a lot - the picture they sent back showed a grapefruit sized lump in the kids arm. For the entire deployment, they called him Popeye.

Shelly said...


Thanks for stopping by. I hope your son is home now.. Poor kid, popeye is pretty funny..