"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

September 4, 2007

Life update

The State Fair was very interesting people watching, and where else can you get a pork chop on a stick, a fried twinkie, fried pickles, funnel cake, see a goat, pig races, mutton busting, ride a Ferris wheel, have your fortune told, all within a block. The concert was good, although note to self, bands that get back together without all the members will never sound the same. Doobie Brothers just didn't sound the same. Los Lonely Boys were very good...

My volunteer work started last Friday. It went pretty well. It is going to be challenging. I will be working with 4 teen mothers and their new babies. I will be doing home visits once a month with each of them. I have done similar type of work before. It does become difficult, at least for me to not get personally involved. I will have to see how it works.. I will be visiting with my first mom on Friday.

Well, even with the funnel cake at the state fair, I have lost 2lbs. I was really tired at first, but I think the exercise endorphins are finally kicking in and I feel like I have more energy..

The Kid is doing well, 1st week of QCT is behind him. He had a 3 day weekend so he was able to get some rest. It seems more like school now, they still have PT, but more class room work at the beginning.

Lets see what this week brings..


Buck Pennington said...

The concert was good, although note to self, bands that get back together without all the members will never sound the same.

I tend to avoid the "nostalgia" reunions/tours, for exactly the reason you mention (in the first place) and a fervent wish to remember whoever-it-is when they were in their prime. I might make an exception for the Rolling Stones, tho. Video I've seen of their recent tour tells me they still have it, or a reasonable facsimile of "it," anyway. I find THAT to be amazing, especially given Jagger's age and Keith's...um..."history." ;-)

Anonymous said...

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A soldier's wife..... said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the fair....it's been a super long time since I attended one....I think I will let my memory stand as is! :D

I went to a concert a few years ago...and experienced the same reaction you did....such a shame that everything can't stay the same, but then we don't so I guess it kind of goes with the territory.

Glad your son is doing well and that your volunteer work has started, I think it will be very rewarding for you....

YAY on the two pounds.....that is awesome, keep up the good work!!!!

My week, leaves much to be desired! I need to just forget it and move on!


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Hi Kelly,

Dropped to tell ya that the fair was really enjoyable.

Also i'd wish best luck to your kid hope he does well