"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

September 10, 2007

A Mother's Confession

My dreams for you were not your dreams
you dreamed of a different kind of team
how hard your worked to make me see
my eyes finally open it's clearer to me

how did I not know what was inside my boy

a silent warrior waiting to escape
the sea and duty calling your fate
combat boots in place of soccer cleats
Honor, Courage, Commitment you now seek

who is this man that replaced my boy

your quiet ambition will take you far
strength has made you who you are
my worries and fear they are very real
I won't let them overshadow the pride I feel

I now see the man who replaced my boy


Buck Pennington said...

Very nice, Shelly!

Claire said...

Wow Shelly! That is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that.

A soldier's wife..... said...


As tears stream down my face,

I am picturing your son, walking across a soccer field with his friends laughing, carrying a soccer ball after a game and then as the the moment progresses to one of him, very serious, in uniform with his fellow comrades, his mother watching from the side with tears in her eyes.....tears of pride mixed with fear of the unknown....

A very vividly descriptive and beautiful poem....I can feel the pride you have for him in your words....I'd love to post it under my poems on my blog.


Shelly said...

A soldier's wife,

Thanks for the lovely comments.. Of course you can add them to your poems, it would be an honor.

Thanks Claire and Buck.. I don't usually write stuff like that, it just was in me and needed to get out...


TripleE said...

A beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.

Bag Blog said...

Wow, that was really great.

Navy Wife Wendy said...

Great poem....our oldest just joined the Navy in the summer.

Thank you for sharing.