"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

September 21, 2007

Select A Set

We have a radio station that I listen too sometimes that has this great weekend of music, called Select A Set. They let their listeners send in their own 3 song Select A Set, and they play them over the weekend. I have sent mine in the last couple of years and they have been played. Some of the sets are amazing. You can just enter 3 favorite songs, but the best are the creative ones with Themes. They can be about the artist, the lyrics, the title...

My last years list was "Please Take Me Back" songs
1. Breakin Me- Johnny Lang (he is awesome)
2. Always On My Mind- Elvis Presley (The King, nothing else to say)
3. Please Forgive Me- David Gray (very underrated, great voice)

This year I decided to do my set about " Parts of the body I'm attracted to" songs
1. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison (Ok I like eyes on guys, but it is Van Morrison..So La Te Da..)
2. Smile- Rod Stewart version (I think he's sexy... )
3. I Want To Hold Your Hand- The Beatles (the Geek's favorite, plus I love my husbands hands)



Anonymous said...

Came by way of Stumble Upon, and this looked interesting. I think this is what you were requesting:

Bridge Over Trouble Water- Simon and Garfunkle

Old Black Water- Doobie Brothers

Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple

Thanks will stop by later this weekend to see what others selected

Buck Pennington said...

I need to think on this for a bit!

But in the meantime...Johnny Lang!! YES! The Boy is just too good for his age, and I mean that as a compliment.

Buck Pennington said...

OK...that didn't take long!

1. “Going Down” – Jeff Beck Group. An old, obscure, full-tilt boogie number wherein the singer tells us he’s “got my head out the window and my big feets on the ground…” Sample here. (OK, it’s a stretch, this one. I’m attracted to neither feet nor heads…generally. But it’s such a great song and it does reference body parts.)

2. “Behind Blue Eyes” – The Who. No explanation needed.

3. “So Alive” – Love and Rockets. “Your legs are long and oh so strong…” Sample here, in case you’ve forgotten.

Shelly said...

Buck those are great songs, I guess my post wasn't very clear. You didn't have to do body parts, your theme could be anything. Although I love "Behind Blue Eyes" I forgot about that one... Post another with a theme you want.


Stan said...

My set is women's names as the song title

1. Roxanne- Police
2. Layla- Eric Clapton
3. Lola- Kinks

Congrats to your son also, you should be very proud of him.

Buck Pennington said...

OK… I misunderstood. Here’s three off the top of my head on the theme of “Seduction.”
“Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye. The definitive seduction song. If Marvin were still alive he’d be still be fighting off paternity suits…as a co-respondent. The song is that good!
“Breakdown” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sultry, this one. Sample.
“Feels Like Rain – John Hiatt. OK, it’s not really a seduction song, but it worked for me on at least two occasions. Sample.
And while we’re on the subject, I’m of a mind that there’s no such thing as “seduction.” NO one, male or female, is gonna do something they don’t want to do. You might be able to overcome minor objections, ally fears, or swear undying love forever and ever. All beside the point. You don’t seduce anyone who doesn’t want to be seduced…

And when you asked "how did you do the samples?" over on my blog...did you mean how did I link 'em? Or how did I find 'em? Drop me a line at "buckpennington01 (at) gmail (dot) com" and I'll explain...

Becky said...

Here is my set--influenced by the recent passing of someone my son was very close to:

1. When I Get Where I'm Going--Brad Paisley

2. Go Rest High On That Mountain--Vince Gill

3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken--Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

A soldier's wife..... said...


First Shelly, I love "My Brown Eyed Girl" but I have to admit, I like Jimmy Buffet singing it as well....I like anything by Mr. Buffet!!! :D

My husband is a HUGE Elvis fan and I really like some of his stuff but the "Always on my Mind" brings back visions of Goran Višnjić singing it in Practical Magic.

So my list....

1. Buddy Holly "All I have to Do Is Dream"
2. Michael Buble's version of "The Way You Look Tonight"
3. John Michael Montgomery "I Love the Way you Love Me"

Okay so no huge secret on my theme.....and until such time as I my husband is home for R&R... I'm thinking it will probably stay there :D

Becky....I'm sorry for your son's loss...music is powerful in life, especially at times like that......

Other song choices on the lists are great by the way too....bringing back some music I've not heard in a while....has me running imeem in the background as I think about my choices.

Shelly said...

I had to go and listen to Simon and Garfunkle...

Marvin Gaye, all I can say is smooth.

Stan, thanks for stopping by. Police's Roxanne is one of my favorites.

Becky, thanks for stopping by, so sorry for your son's loss. The music is a great tribute.

I just saw Micheal Buble last month, he was great. Very romantic concert....I understand your choices..

A soldier's wife..... said...


OK, so totally jealous on the concert thing.....

My closest friend is a HUGE fan....

Home is one of my other favorites.


Bag Blog said...

Take Me Home Country Roads - John Denver

Home on the Range - folk song

Oklahoma Woman I'm Comin' Home - TZ Wright

Claire said...

Songs with emotions in the titles

Crazy -- Patsy Cline
Sweet Emotion -- Aerosmith
Like a sad song -- John Denver

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