"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

November 9, 2007

Where did the year go

I swear I feel like this year has just passed me by. I can't believe it is November. Where did September and October go. I love the fall here, the leaves changing, crisp cooler weather... I missed it. My closet still has all the shorts and flip flops at the front. I know you people that can wear them all year probably don't do this, but we have all 4 seasons and I usually put away the summer clothes, and move the winter ones forward, nope not done, my closet is a pit with everything just thrown in it.

We have already had 7 inches of snow, although it has been 70 degree's lately. Maybe that is why I feel that fall just decided to not stop by here.

Also what is with the CHRISTMAS MUSIC already, I walked into Walgreen's and it was playing. I AM NOT READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Although, The Kid by some miracle gets to come home for Thanksgiving... Don't ask how much that plane ticket cost.

I was talking to my good friend the other day and told her that my domestication diva skills have been truly lacking lately, an example, my poor other mother-in-law who is staying with us has had Stouffers 3 days in a row, I ran out of toilet paper, and we are using Kleenex, and I only have water to drink. Anyway she jokingly said I needed a wife, I laughed, but she is right. Maybe that is what my next job will be, a company that rents out wife's. Ok, I'm not pimping them, this isn't select a bride, just someone that will help us women and men who can't find the time to take care of all the domestic stuff...

I need to tell The Geek it's time to get the Christmas lights up. Yep I start now so by the time he gets around to it they aren't being put up at Easter. Hey maybe I need to add rent a Husband!


Claire said...

I know exactly what you mean. Holy cow, it's going to be Christmas and then New Years before I even know it. I do have a confession though... I love Christmas music, so it doesn't bother me. Although I really don't like Rockin' around the Christmas tree. That one makes me want to stick a searing fork in my eye! :p

Oh boy! 'Tis the season!

Buck Pennington said...

Well, two things... First and foremost, I am SO with you on our extended Christmas Season. I love the holidays...don't get me wrong. But the marketing... umm... idiots (I really struggled for a socially-acceptable term here) have all but ruined them for me. By the time Christmas actually arrives I'm ready to assault people by stuffing mistletoe in places it really shouldn't go. That's #1. With a bullet.

Two: Personally, life's been Hell since the maid quit. So I can relate to the other sentiment in your post, Shelly! ;-)

A soldier's wife..... said...

Claire needs someone to take away the sharp objects about now :D!!!

Buck needs the firearms locked up until after New Years....

I need all medications locked under key!!!!! AND SO.....Shelly,

I need to rent a home, a husband and a wife.....oh and a chef, maid and a chauffeur while we are at it...get them on the payroll and I will become a client :D

I have no idea where to begin with the whole Holiday thing since I'm still homeless and everything I own is in boxes and I'm sort of out half of my furniture now....I'm husband-less and have no clue how to facilitate any answers to the problems I face, but hey I haven't downed the infamous Christmas depression ridden overdose bottle of pills, so there's something :D!!!!

In all reality, its all good, I have my health, well sort of.....I don't want to listen to christmas music, see decorations or shop until I am in my house, so yeah, I'm hopping aboard the BAH HUMBUG Train this season.....although the holidays are more then welcome to blow in and blow out, they can also take along with them, the first three months of the new year...then I'll be a Happy Un-hibernating Bear......

So can we say disgruntled Military Spouse???

All kidding aside, Shelly I am really glad the Kid is making it in for the Holiday, enjoy your weekend with him and the man....I'm sure my disposition will improve if and when I get back in my house...operative words here though are WHEN and IF!!!

Shelly said...

I don't like that song either, doesn't matter who sings it..

Idiot is to nice, I will hold them down, you stuff.. See I am on to something with this rent a spouse.

A soldiers wife,

If you weren't so right on I would be laughing..

Bag Blog said...

In October I went to change the calendar behind my computer - it was on August! What happened to September? Now it is November - Yikes!

We do a big Thanksgiving dinner, but we downsized our Christmas years ago to do away with the stress of buying presents and going in dept. Sometimes I decorate and sometimes I don't depending on the mood. But I love Christmas music. Maybe it is the memories it stirs.

I find as my nest gets emptier, I get lazier. If you find a good rent-a-wife, let me know.

Lemon Stand said...

Shelly, I thought I would visit you this time. :o) Great post. I love Christmas music but can't seem to get into the spirit this year. And with four kids... boy I really could use a maid!

A soldier's wife..... said...

Oh, laugh, I do daily, it's what gets me through. If I stop laughing, I may stop living....then where would we all be???? Okay do not answer that question :D


Shelly said...

I with you on that, I skipped the month of September and October.

Lemon Stand,
Thanks for stopping by. 4 kids you do need another wife..