"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

November 18, 2007


Nothing like a good holiday to bring out the worst in a family. Can we say dysfunctional. I know they are family, but I am ready to head to a warm beach somewhere.

This person isn't speaking to this person, trying to please both sides of the family, why are you making that, don't you know so and so is allergic, why didn't you ask her second cousin on her mother's side, how come you invited him before you called me, I don't think you are making enough for everyone, why did you get a fresh turkey they are not at as good, she's not making the pies is she, and the worst, we will try and stop by, we are just waiting to hear from our friends before we decide where we are going.... These are all the conversations and issues I have had with family since I agreed to have Thanksgiving at my house, and only agreed due to The Kid being home. I was all set to just have a small dinner.

Is it allowed to use the phrase, Bah Humbug for Thanksgiving?


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Oh, it's very allowed! And I will be thinking of you on Thursday, I am running away to my friend's house for a few days so I can be part of her dysfunctional family....anything is better then being part of my own....cause right now, I am not claiming ANY OF THEM!



Buck Pennington said...

Agree with ASW. Not only is it allowed, in a lot of cases it's encouraged!

Remember that ol' cliché about "you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family..."? It's oh-so-TRUE!

Claire said...

Oh Shelly! My family put the "fun" back in dysfunctional! Seriously... my brother is an alcoholic and his daughter just got out of jail. Oh joy. I told everyone that I am related to that this Holiday was about Mike. If they can't focus on enjoying him being home from Iraq then they can come down with a fever that morning and not make it.

I hope you find some peace this Thanksgiving. Bah humbug is allowed. ((((hugs))))

Buck Pennington said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Shelly! I hope everything worked out OK...

Bag Blog said...

Two years ago right before Thanksgiving my dad went onto hospice. A social worker came by to check on us. My mom, sister, and I were taking care of Dad, but we sat down with this lady and visited. The social worker said we were the most functional family she had ever seen. We all just started laughing thinking she was very funny. On the other hand even with all of our "oddness" we are a pretty tight group and I am very thankful. Then there are those times when I think it would be okay not to see some of these folks for a while.

Lindsay said...

Just checking in to see how everything went? You've got me all curious now!