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Henry Ellis

November 15, 2007

Black Friday

So how many of you go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Do you think you get great bargains? What is your best deal?

I must confess, my husband and I both go out (he loves me what can I say)... If you go not expecting anything and you get a deal, great, if not then who cares. Last year we did very well, and that is the only shopping I had to do. I usually do most on the Internet. It was great since we had just bought our house and we got some great items for our home. I have had numerous family and friends join us, but usually that don't come the next year..

I just wish Starbucks opened up earlier..


Buck Pennington said...

So how many of you go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving?

Not me. I don't shop... period, full-stop. I buy, and my buying is all done on the 'net. I've been doing that 'net XMas shopping thing... exclusively... since about '98 or so.

My adult kids, OTOH, are up at oh-dark-thirty and out the door, coupons and ad layouts in hand, for the "Early Bird" specials, some of which ARE quite the bargain, or so I'm told. Different strokes, and all that! ;-)

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I go, but I do it because I have always done it, daughter of the professional shopper mom.....lol...I often get better deals online then in the stores, but I am not one of the crazy ones fighting over mdse where someone could end up hurt. Those stories totally amaze me.

This year a friend and I are taking to the mall and leaving the kids with her husband...kid free shopping....ahh the joy of it!!!!

Bag Blog said...

I don't shop after T-Day. I would love to sit back and watch the crowds, but I don't care for pushing my way through them.

Claire said...

I never go because I can't stand shopping crowds. I shop online. :)